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Progress in human literacy has stalled since 2000, while 'machine literacy' races ahead.
March 2017: Project Literacy Launches Report on Human vs. Machine Literacy in the UK

Smartphones Will Read and Write Better Than 1.7 Million British Adults in the Next Decade ‘Machine literacy’ for Siri, Alexa and Cortana imminent – while human literacy rates remain stagnant, says forecast by University of Massachusetts Amherst...

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What role do books have to play in addressing the global learning crisis?
Project Literacy & Book Aid International announce seminar at London Book Fair

On Tuesday 14 March at London Book Fair, Project Literacy, it's partner, leading international book provision charity Book Aid International and the Global Book Alliance, will come together in a seminar to consider the role that books have to play ...

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Julianne Moore joins Project Literacy to raise awareness of illiteracy
September 2016: Global Stars Unite on International Literacy Day

NEW YORK, September 8, 2016 - To celebrate the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day, 26 of the world’s most high profile personalities from film, music, politics and the arts, have joined forces to raise awareness for literacy with one co...

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Alphabet of Illiteracy Campaign Wins Grand Prix Prize
June 2016: Alphabet of Illiteracy Campaign Wins Cannes Lions Health 2016

Alphabet of Illiteracy Campaign Wins Grand Prix Prize at Cannes Lions Health 2016 Cannes, 18.06.16 FCB Inferno, on behalf of Project Literacy, has been awarded the Lions Health and Wellness Grand Prix for its integrated campaign, ‘Alphabet of...

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