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We regularly update this section with the latest news from Project Literacy, our partners and the literacy field.

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Community of Practice
Project Literacy Launches a Community of Practice

Pearson launched Project Literacy in early 2015, and in the course of just three years, we established a community of 120 partners. These partners have worked with us to run campaigns about literacy, increase the reach and effectiveness of literacy i...

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Tips for fundraising
12 fundraising tips for nonprofits

If done well, charity events can be a great tool for nonprofit fundraising and building a positive reputation. If done poorly, events can be costly and time consuming. We asked Reading Partners, who host a variety of fundraising events in their local...

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Evoke Leaders for Literacy
EVOKE: A video game about global literacy

What is your superpower? Are you a deep collaborator, empathetic activist, creative visionary, or systems thinker? These are the superpowers young people in South Africa have been developing through the EVOKE: Leaders for Literacy program. The ini...

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Book Boost winners
Book Boost: Access for All Challenge Winners

When Pearson, as part of the Project Literacy campaign, joined forces with All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development, we first considered which groups of people remained most impacted by barriers to literacy around the world. "We kne...

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