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How Literacy Is Taking People From Poverty to Pension

To meet Arthur Welch today, one might assume the 54-year-old bus driver has lived an ordinary life. But only recently did the veteran start putting together the pieces that make it “ordinary”—earlier this year Welch had a suspended license and no j...

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Here’s What Happens When People Don’t Understand Their Doctor

The young woman who doesn’t know that the antibiotics she is taking for a common infection reduce the effectiveness of her birth control pill and necessitate a second form of contraception.  The elderly man who avoids going to the doctor altog...

A Reach Incorporated writing group.

How a Tiny Publishing House is Solving D.C.’s Education Problem

According to a new WalletHub study, Washington, D.C. currently lays claim to the second-worst public school system in the country; the lowest math, reading, and SAT scores; the highest dropout rate; and the most unsafe clas...

Norman West showcased the various therapy dogs children can read to at the library. Image via Flickr user Pioneer Library System.

To Foster a Love of Reading, Bring an Animal to the Classroom

Four years ago Craig Madison, a third grade teacher at El Verano Elementary School in Sonoma, California, was wrestling with a problem that’s become increasingly common. “We were trying to turn struggling readers, who had been discouraged by over-t...

A free vision clinic for students. Image via Flickr user Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association.

When Good Eyesight is a Privilege, Learning Suffers

Last fall, things were not going well in several classrooms at Middle School 223 in the Bronx. One boy in an eighth grade classroom wouldn’t stop bothering the kid sitting next to him—he was constantly being written up for talking in class. A sixth...