Project Literacy Launches a Community of Practice

Working together on big challenges

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Community of Practice

Pearson launched Project Literacy in early 2015, and in the course of just three years, we established a community of 120 partners. These partners have worked with us to run campaigns about literacy, increase the reach and effectiveness of literacy interventions, take risks to pilot new ideas, and to amplify impact by supporting non-profits and enterprises to help them grow to help more people learn to read and write.

In 2017, we wanted to understand the needs of our community of partners to understand how to better serve and grow the literacy sector. We learned, thanks to Results for Development, that partners were hungry for increased engagement. And so, we came back to Results for Development’s Center for Education Innovations to help us design and launch a Community of Practice – a space where Project Literacy and CEI partners could dig deep into a few topics to collaborate with one another more closely and ultimately, move the literacy field forward.

Last month, we kicked off the Community of Practice through 5 working groups developed by partners:

  1. Technology and literacy
  2. Measuring the impact of literacy programs
  3. Teacher training for improved literacy
  4. Parent engagement in literacy
  5. Communications for literacy

These groups are made up of a diverse pool of 129 people from 25 countries and group participants are already identifying opportunities to strengthen these areas and succinct projects which will be completed by the end of 2018.

We are pleased to work with leaders from around the world to tackle these challenges. We’ll share updates later this year and watch for the outputs of the groups in early 2019!

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