Project Literacy Lab - New Ventures Announced

What do children’s toys, a more accessible Internet and mental health have in common? 

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Project Literacy Lab

Pearson and The Unreasonable Group are expanding the world’s first accelerator for entrepreneurs focused on closing the global literacy gap with a new cohort of 13 groundbreaking ventures from around the world. The Project Literacy Lab is part of the broader Project Literacy campaign, which aims to build a grassroots movement and drive targeted action towards achieving universal literacy by 2030. 

The 10-day accelerator will take place in Connecticut in November and will bring together 13 for-profit ventures and over 50 mentors who will help these talented entrepreneurs solve their business challenges by exposing them to new approaches and insights. 

Project Literacy has selected the following companies, who are all working on ground-breaking solutions that are well placed to help make a dent in global illiteracy rates.

  • WizeNoze facilitates access to an easier to understand internet, for children, teenagers, people with a low level of literacy, immigrants and the elderly.
  • Learning Games Studios develop award-winning learning games and assessment tools that benefit learners at every age and in all parts of the world.
  • Literator allows teachers to collect one-on-one reading data and provide students with a personalized literacy education.
  • EQtainment design children's toys and games for emotional intelligence. Practicing manners, minimizing meltdowns and having fun!
  • RocketLit bridge the gap between curricular expectations and reality through education tailored and adapted to each student's reading level.
  • Kodable produce easy-to-follow programming lessons for kids aged K-5, focused on student outcomes so educators can teach their students to code.
  • Cell-Ed delivers essential skills training in 3-minute lessons on any mobile phone where learners simply call, text or click to access a world of learning.
  • Stones2Milestones specialize in teaching, reading and thinking skills for children and teachers to create a nation of 10 million readers by 2022.
  • KickUp help professional development teams improve teacher support and demonstrate impact through meaningful analytics.
  • BeeLine Reader make reading on-screen more efficient and more accessible for readers of all levels.
  • SPEAK MODalities help children affected by autism & developmental disabilities learn to communicate.
  • Emote provide a school-wide communication platform that delivers real-time insights used to predict, support and evaluate student social-emotional outcomes and behavioral escalation.
  • Letrus connects linguistic and digital intelligences for a more effective way of learning and teaching how to write.

Since the Lab launched in 2016,  five of the ventures from the first cohort have received additional financing, another five have received notable awards such as the Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 10 reported closing significant new partnerships or customer contracts, and all 16 were featured in Forbes, the Guardian and Fast Company. Most notably, across the cohort the customer base increased from 4.5 million to over 10 million in less than a year.

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