New Project Literacy social media campaign rolls out

Advertising guru Mark Denton lends Project Literacy a hand

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Mark Denton for Project Literacy

Project Literacy has been working with advertising legend Mark Denton on a series of images that bring to life some of the challenges faced by adults who struggle to read and write. The suite of eye-catching photographs taken by and Art Directed by Mark, have been especially prepared for distribution over social media, and are of everyday objects such as detergent bottles, greetings cards and board games. On closer inspection of the image, the viewer will realize that these are 'pack shots with a twist' as the message on each object explains how things really are for people who cannot read. 

Most of the stories that have been brought to life by Mark and agency FCB Inferno are real, having been relayed to the Project Literacy team by the newly literate adults we have been working with as part of our Give Your Word campaign. One image which is of a medicine bottle for example, directly reflects the story told to us by Wanda, a newly literate adult, who movingly described her anxiety around giving her children medicine when they were sick because she could not read the instructions on the packaging. You can watch the film of her story here.

These ‘ads with a difference’ are currently rolling out across Facebook and Twitter with the goal of raising awareness about the challenges nearly a billion people across the world face, every single day, because they cannot read and write. 

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