How Mobile Technology Helps Home Literacy

Results of two-year digital reading pilot released

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Read to Kids

Worldreader, in partnership with Pearson, Project Literacy and Results for Development have released the results of a two-year digital reading pilot which revealed how parents’ and caregivers’ reading habits changed after receiving access to a free mobile library of children’s books alongside community-based education about the benefits of reading to children from a young age. The report contributes to growing evidence on how parents can support their children’s early learning using technology. 

The pilot took place in Delhi, India from 2015 to 2017 and reached over 200,000 families with digital books via the Worldreader Kids app ( The first digitally focused literacy intervention of this kind, Read to Kids leveraged a behavior change campaign and partnered with community-based organizations to raise awareness on the importance of reading to children from birth. While the majority of children that the pilot targeted lived in homes lacking age-appropriate children’s storybooks, over 57,000 families browsed the Worldreader Kids library and read at least one book. Nearly 7,000 households demonstrated deeper change in their reading habits, becoming “frequent readers” who read from the application at least four times a month. 

We are thrilled to share the findings report here.

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