Book Boost: Access for All Challenge Winners

The Book Boost: Access for All Challenge is Designed to Reduce the Production Costs of Digital Reading Materials

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Book Boost winners

When Pearson, as part of the Project Literacy campaign, joined forces with All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development, we first considered which groups of people remained most impacted by barriers to literacy around the world.

"We knew from a landscape analysis by Results for Development, that people with disabilities are disproportionately marginalized in terms of education and more specifically literacy access, and while we’ve seen increasing attention to local language content, there’s still a massive gap in terms of developing  accessible content for students with disabilities,” said Julia Firestone, Manager of Social Impact Programs at Pearson. 

The Book Boost: Access for All Challenge sought to close those gaps by identifying companies or organizations who are developing new business models that incorporate born accessible content and are affordable, replicable, and scalable. 

The winners, announced in April 2018, offer tremendous opportunity for increasing development of accessible content. All Children Reading shared these highlights on the winners:

eKitabu’s winning solution will facilitate a transition to a sustainable, born accessible book chain in Kenya by providing local content developers with tools, examples and prizes for creating quality, digital learning materials that are accessible for disabled students. eKitabu will first convert Kenyan early grade reading books into accessible digital formats using open standards and open source tools. From the learning gained, eKitabu will work with local publishers to adapt standards and tools to their own processes. eKitabu will also launch a competition to incentivize local authors and publishers to produce quality digital materials in accessible formats.  

SIL LEAD’s winning solution will enhance its existing Bloom software (developed through ACR GCD’s Enabling Writers competition in 2016), which streamlines the process for speakers of underserved languages to create new books or translate existing books into their language. Enhancements will include the addition of accessibility features and system support services, creating an online dashboard system to track title use, training materials, and a Bloom library website that meets accessibility standards.

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