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Progress on literacy calls for a new way of problem-solving, one that brings together different partners in the common fight against illiteracy. The challenges we face are complex and interconnected. To meet them, we have to find a way to collaborate across business, civil society, and government—and from sectors that we may think have little in common with each other, from economists to health care practitioners to gender activists and teachers.

Project Literacy is now working with over 120+ partners around the globe to tackle illiteracy.

Two types of partners make up the Project Literacy coalition - Collaborating and Community.

Community Partners are organizations aligned with Project Literacy’s mission. They have a shared interest in expanding the reach of the Project Literacy movement.

Collaborating Partners serve as an informal steering committee for the Project Literacy campaign, helping to shape the movement. Collaborating Partners participate in monthly campaign calls, co-convene Project Literacy events, and jointly develop programs and projects.

All partners proudly wear the Project Literacy badge on their website and serve as Project Literacy ambassadors in their local communities. Project Literacy elevates partners by sharing their stories via social channels and newsletters.

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