A Father's Perspective on Literacy: "It's Like Being Able to See"

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Herman's Story

Herman spent most of his life unable to read or write, having dropped out of school at a young age due to difficulties concentrating at school. For 35 years, he struggled with daily tasks such as reading the mail and understanding written street signs, leaving him angry and frustrated.

Just 5 years ago, inspired by becoming a father, Herman enrolled in a local literacy program, Literacy Volunteers of Waterbury Connecticut, and he now proudly reads to his daughter at bedtime and drives her around with confidence. Herman says his new-found literacy has opened up a whole new level of communication for him and his daughter, and that it is "like being able to see for the first time.”

This Father’s Day, we celebrate the inspirational journeys Herman and other adults like him are taking on their road to literacy, breaking the cycle of illiteracy we know persists generation after generation. 72% of children whose parents have low literacy levels are at the lowest reading levels themselves. Awe-inspiring adults like Herman are changing things, not just for themselves, but for their families and the generations to come.

With 36 million adults in the United States and 20 million adults in the United Kingdom dealing with the hidden shame of being unable to read or write, we believe that heartwarming stories such as Herman’s deserve to be shared around the world. You can help by sharing Herman’s story and visiting projectliteracy.com/giveyourword to show your support.

Happy Father’s Day, Herman. We salute you!




18 Jun 2017 - 22:22