Young Offenders. Half of UK young offenders have a reading age of 11 or less. Literacy gives kids a future. Explore the Alphabet of Illiteracy

...is for Young Offenders

Reading and writing keeps kids out of trouble. Half of the young offenders in the UK have a reading age of less than 11. Being unable to read or write stops children engaging in school, then engaging in pretty much anything. Literacy gives children a future.

UK Ministry of Justice (2013)

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How our partners have helped.

826 National’s aspiration is to transform lives by getting young people engaged in writing and reading. Their programs give students a positive outlet and the fundamental skills to keep them moving in the right direction. Thanks to the work of the 826 National chapter in Boston, Edwin was given an avenue for expression unavailable to many young people in his neighborhood. He now works for 826 Boston to help students get the support they need for future success.

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If you look at my cousin , the choices that he made were influenced by his surroundings.... And when I look at my own life, and the intersection of where I was, and 826 Boston, it pulled me away from that.
Edwin Gonzalez
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