Voiceless. Illiteracy stops people knowing what they're entitled to, or how to demand it. Explore the Alphabet of Illiteracy

...is for Voiceless

If you can read and write you have a voice in the world. Illiteracy keeps people from knowing what they're entitled to, or how to demand it. Literacy gives you a voice.

UNESCO (2006)

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Not having the ability to read and comprehend text leaves many people throughout the world without a voice. The voiceless are vulnerable, not receiving essential information which could enable them to access support, respond to health changes, and understand their rights in society. However, visual literacy - the ability to read pictures - is innate within us all, before we start learning to decode written words. Affirming and supporting this visual literacy is particularly liberating for the 2% of people with intellectual disabilities, who may never be able to read. Books Beyond Words’ picture books inform and empower, opening the door to literacy and supporting communication, allowing voices to be heard – sometimes for the first time.

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Books Beyond Words opens the door to literacy, supporting communication and allowing voices to be heard.
I want to be a lawyer like my father, but I have to study very hard.
Rami – A student in a temporary school in Syria
  • 2.8m

    In the Syrian conflict alone, 2.8 million children are missing out on an education.

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