L = Life Expectancy. The death rate for older illiterate people is 50% higher over the next 5 yrs than for the literate.

...is for Life Expectancy

People who can read and write live longer. Illiteracy prevents people from understanding even the most basic ways to care for themselves. Add this up over a lifetime and you understand why older illiterate people have a 50% higher death rate over the next 5 years that their literate peers. Words add years to your life.

World Literacy Foundation (2012)

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The World Literacy Foundation recognises that literacy is a human right. They work in countries across the world from Colombia to Kenya to Cambodia, delivering books, setting up libraries and training teachers. The WLF endeavours to create a relationship with every young person in their program, in the hope that a love of reading will keep them in education, out of crime, giving them a better and longer life.

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World Literacy Foundation believes education is a fundamental human right, and all individuals should be given the same opportunities for their future.
Many of these children stay on the streets learning negative things and don't have any future because they can't read. I love this reading program because I want my grandchildren not to go down a bad path.
World Literacy Foundation Volunteer
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