Help Support Human Rights Through Literacy

Help Support Human Rights Through Literacy

Literacy is a human right.

It is the only human right that helps people to understand and access all other human rights. Freedom from discrimination, freedom of opinion, and freedom from unjust imprisonment: our rights are unlocked through literacy.

For Human Rights Day we want to help improve people's awareness of the rights and freedoms that everyone is entitled to. Working with over 90 literacy charities and organizations around the world, Project Literacy helps deliver programs to those most vulnerable to having their basic freedoms denied or removed. 


Help Us Reduce Crime Through Literacy

Not only does literacy help empower people with the knowledge of what human rights they are entitled to, help resist oppression of these rights and to fight against unjust imprisonment; literacy has been proven to help reduce crime rates among young people, as well as decreasing the number of prisoners that offend again (PDF).

48% of prisoners have the reading ability of an 11-year old or less

The powerful impact of literacy on prisoners to create positive futures and better opportunities is why Project Literacy partners with organisations like the National Literacy Trust. Its Books Unlocked program supports prisoners and young offenders to develop and improve their literacy skills by offering them the opportunity to read, enjoy and discuss books as part of their rehabilitation.

“I think I’ll always go back to being a crossroads age where I could’ve gone down the wrong path, and the thing that saved me was reading. The whole world is within the pages of a book.”

- Books Unlocked participant

Programs like this are only possible through the support of people like you. A donation to Project Literacy helps provide opportunity and protection to people all over the world from the vulnerabilities that many illiterate people suffer. 

One donation to Project Literacy supports over 30 organizations that are all working to eradicate illiteracy by 2030 - a goal that we can achieve with your support.

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