Give Your Word

It is a sad fact that 750 million adults worldwide cannot read or write a simple sentence. Imagine not being able to fill out a form at the hospital, vote in an election, take the right bus, or send a text message to a loved one. That’s the reality for one in ten people alive today. What’s more, it’s a reality that affects more than just the individual; it affects their families and generations to come. Children of illiterate parents are more likely to grow up to be illiterate and go on to have illiterate children themselves.

With your help, we can break this cycle. 

Follow their stories as they share their literacy journeys with us.

Give your word and help de-stigmatize adult illiteracy. 
Give your word and support adults learning to read and write.
Give your word and celebrate the brave individuals who are taking steps to improve their lives and the lives of their children. 

Give your word to help them and others like them.

Give your words of support

Inspired by the people you’ve seen in our film? Or just want to let them ALL know you’re cheering them on? Share your words of encouragement, and we’ll make sure they get into the right hands.

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