The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Project Literacy is a global campaign dedicated to building partnerships and driving action that brings the power of words to the world by 2030.



Nearly every challenge humanity faces can be linked to Literacy

Nearly every development challenge humanity faces can be linked to illiteracy

The Alphabet of Illiteracy presents a body of evidence highlighting these linkages through powerful imagery and offers ways for all of us to get involved.

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  • Why literacy?

    Illiteracy is a global problem, stretching from the United States to Uganda, from Europe to Cambodia and everywhere in between.

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  • The Unsigned Petition

    In September 2015 we launched the Unsigned Petition on behalf of the 757 million illiterate people worldwide who cannot sign their own name, two thirds of whom are women.

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  • Literacy news

    Get the latest news about Project Literacy. You’ll also be able to access to our media kit, which includes our brand guidelines.

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Featured partner

Featured partner

We have teamed up with GOOD Magazine to report on the issue of illiteracy from a wide-range of perspectives - from a brothel in India to the streets of Los Angeles. In 2015 alone we reached more than 61 million people through these stories online.

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