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Visit IlliteraCity

Over 750m adults in the world are unable to read and write. Illiteracy underpins some of the biggest issues in the world, from poverty and homelessness to gender inequality and unemployment. 

By solving illiteracy, not only can we transform people's lives, we can transform our communities, our cities, our world.

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Today, over 750 million people cannot read this sentence.
1 in 10 people in the world remain illiterate. That's more than the population of Europe.
Two-thirds of the illiterate population are women.
123 million 15-24 year olds in the world today cannot read.
32 million adults in the United States cannot read.
Illiteracy costs the world $1.19 trillion every year.
Each year, illiteracy costs a developed nation 2% of its GDP, an emerging economy 1.2% of GDP, and a developing country 0.5% of GDP.

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