Project Literacy; a campaign dedicated to building partnerships, driving action and charity to bring the power of words to the world by 2030.

The Power of Words

Project Literacy is a global campaign dedicated to building partnerships and driving action that brings the power of words to the world by 2030.

Nearly every challenge humanity faces can be linked to Literacy

Nearly every development challenge humanity faces can be linked to illiteracy

The Alphabet of Illiteracy presents a body of evidence highlighting these linkages through powerful imagery and offers ways for all of us to get involved.

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Learning to read in a secondary language can be a disorienting experience

International Mother Tongue Language Day

This blog was written by Tanyella Evans, Co-Founder and CEO of Project Literacy Partner Library For All to celebrate International Mother Tongue Language Day – February 21, 2017.  Today is International Mother Tongue Language Day. Ta...

Image credit: UNHCR / Tanya Habjouqa

Worldreader Expands Its ‘Read To Kids’ Program

Children are the most vulnerable victims of the Syrian Refugee crisis. And while host countries like Jordan are taking generous measures to improve access to education for these children, many are at risk of being left behind. Every child should...

How can technology solutions be more inclusive, accessible and usable?

Project Literacy Partners with UNESCO to improve tech literacy

UNESCO, in partnership with Project Literacy, is seeking innovative and existing digital solutions to help include low-skilled, low-literate youth and adults in the information society and improve their livelihoods. In the digital age, more than...

Stand up for the millions who face systemic barriers to literacy

World Read Aloud Day - February 16th

We believe that literacy is not a gift given just to some lucky ones, it is a foundational human right that brings joy, independence, gender equity and a pathway out of poverty. Everyone should have it. This is the idea that fueled the creation ...

National Literacy Trust provides tips to parents to develop children's reading skills

How To Encourage Kids To Read & Write Every Day

Helping a child to develop their reading skills and love literacy is a real challenge, but it’s also one of the biggest and most rewarding responsibilities of parents. Reading opens a child’s eyes to the world around them, opens their imagination to ...

Featured partner

Featured partner

We have teamed up with GOOD Magazine to report on the issue of illiteracy from a wide-range of perspectives - from a brothel in India to the streets of Los Angeles. In 2015 alone we reached more than 61 million people through these stories online.

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