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What does it take to break the cycle of illiteracy? Learn more about real adults who are learning to read and write not just for themselves, but for future generations.

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Read to Kids Pilot Program Reaches 200,000 Households

Read to Kids wins the mBillionth Award and Celebrates a Milestone

Two years ago, as part of Project Literacy, Pearson and Worldreader joined forces to try something unprecedented: using mobile phones to get entire communities to read with their kids. We set the ambitious goal of reaching 200,000 families in and aro...

Herman's Story

A Father's Perspective on Literacy: "It's Like Being Able to See"

Herman spent most of his life unable to read or write, having dropped out of school at a young age due to difficulties concentrating at school. For 35 years, he struggled with daily tasks such as reading the mail and understanding written street sign...

Thank you mum

One More Reason to Thank Your Mom

This Mother’s Day consumers will spend a whopping $2.5 billion buying cards for moms [1]. Some of us will write heart felt messages of gratitude, some humorous words of thanks, and others will write them right at the last minute, because they’ve forg...